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January 29 2020 09:54:33.

Little Garden 2020

Little Garden 2020 Map

The most loved map that was gone from workshop is now back! also include the classic map version: ph_littlegarden

To get the map, ahead directly to my Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1982639...

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January 21 2020 08:41:57.

Restaurant: Legacy

Legacy Version of Restaurant

You heard me right, the old version is now available. It's purpose was meant for archival meaning and though you can still able to use it.

It's for my personal honor that this map was highly played by community in garry's mod and so this is my biggest thanks for everyone who had played this map.
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January 03 2020 10:57:37.

End of Prop Hunt Mapping

Year 2020 is a wonderful starts for making something new.

But perhaps not anymore for Prop Hunt.

Starting from this point, I need to take a break from prop hunt mapping because it starting to obsolete in Garry's Mod. Why'd you ask because prop hunt is starting to have many rivals outside of garry's mod and I feel to not want to waste some time for making new prop hunt maps with less support. I know this is a very harsh word but, truth is out there.


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December 24 2019 19:34:46.

Inactivity Issues

I may be unavailable until January 3rd. If any chance, I'll try to get some contacts to you as soon as possible (again, by any chance) with limitted platform availability. Surely I may be active on phone but not as always as before.

Just like on some platform like Discord, Twitter, or others related account/social medias may inactive too so I do apologise if I'm not so responsive this month.

Many reason is happening here so yeah...

Anyway merry xmas!

November 04 2019 16:57:27.

Prop Chooser Documentation

An Enhanced addons for Prop Hunt: Enhanced which gives you ability for changing other objects/props within the Map's props or even Custom Props (with a list)

How does it Works?

This addon only supported for Prop Hunt: Enhanced. Here's how it works:

Once the map has been loaded, map props will be scanned and added into a list, in serverside. Once player joined, the list will be available. Props can either use this feature by Press...

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