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December 24 2019 19:34:46.

Inactivity Issues

I may be unavailable until January 3rd. If any chance, I'll try to get some contacts to you as soon as possible (again, by any chance) with limitted platform availability. Surely I may be active on phone but not as always as before.

Just like on some platform like Discord, Twitter, or others related account/social medias may inactive too so I do apologise if I'm not so responsive this month.

Many reason is happening here so yeah...

Anyway merry xmas!

November 04 2019 16:57:27.

Prop Chooser Documentation

An Enhanced addons for Prop Hunt: Enhanced which gives you ability for changing other objects/props within the Map's props or even Custom Props (with a list)

How does it Works?

This addon only supported for Prop Hunt: Enhanced. Here's how it works:

Once the map has been loaded, map props will be scanned and added into a list, in serverside. Once player joined, the list will be available. Props can either use this feature by Press...

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November 02 2019 07:01:13.

Unexpected Downfall and ...Almost Quitting

Hey, if you don't want to read the whole thing (but I highly recommend since everithing were mentioned below), just scroll down to the 'The TL;DR' section. Thank you.

As of today, I'm receiving some very unfortunate and yet very unexpected to what occured, while I was outside on the town, and here is why I might or I almost wanted to quit myself for gmod or continuning my other projects, or almost everything...
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November 02 2019 07:01:09.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced ToS and Website Changes

A prop hunt enhanced "ToS" (easy license) and web page layout changes has been done and updated today. This subject as follows Page style changes, Advertisement Behaviour, Gamemode "Term of Use" (or simple License), Collaboration Notice, and more.

This just only small update though to the prop hunt enhanced page which is now will be maintained by Dralga (GFL/PHE Team).

I may leave any edits possible from now for that p...

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November 02 2019 07:01:07.

Website Update - Art Site and Notice

Looks like a good day, eh? Hopefully hehe.

Today I'd like to announce something related to my art site, website update, and galleries migration from my old art community 'deviantART'. Simply to say that I may leave and left it untouched (because it starting to get less popular) so I decided to upload them, if possible, to several Art platforms available. Currently I'll try to be active occasionally on several platforms that Currently I'm working on, es...

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