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November 02 2019 07:01:09.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced ToS and Website Changes

A prop hunt enhanced "ToS" (easy license) and web page layout changes has been done and updated today. This subject as follows Page style changes, Advertisement Behaviour, Gamemode "Term of Use" (or simple License), Collaboration Notice, and more.

This just only small update though to the prop hunt enhanced page which is now will be maintained by Dralga (GFL/PHE Team).

I may leave any edits possible from now for that p...

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November 02 2019 07:01:07.

Website Update - Art Site and Notice

Looks like a good day, eh? Hopefully hehe.

Today I'd like to announce something related to my art site, website update, and galleries migration from my old art community 'deviantART'. Simply to say that I may leave and left it untouched (because it starting to get less popular) so I decided to upload them, if possible, to several Art platforms available. Currently I'll try to be active occasionally on several platforms that Currently I'm working on, es...

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November 02 2019 07:01:05.

Prioritize and Taking a Break

Looks like you've been known, "Where have you've been?"

At this post I'll try to explain what was happening recently, and, by this I declared to step out my development of my Prop Hunt: Enhanced. And so, continuing my 'real' stuff here.

Firstly, you might already know, my previous board is dying. So I went and finding some replacement for it and have to wait within weeks to get my board arrived. Installed it, thus in the process, the board no...

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November 02 2019 07:01:03.

Zombie Bunker Remake - Suggestions!

A ph_zombie_bunker remake public beta is now available. (but not for long!)

It's available under this link:

Steam Workshop

Note: This version IS still 'WIP' state Map! I need your suggestion! this is not suit for prop hunt yet but you can help to choose a design on Sandbox-mode, and spawn as your appropriate design. Moreover you can suggest a t...

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November 02 2019 07:01:01.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Future V16 Development Notice

Prop Hunt: Enhanced HUD Concept

Original Post

I'd like to announce that Future Prop Hunt: Enhanced V16 might receive a very slow development, unfortunately.

HoIver, I'd like to show you our first Conce...

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