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November 02 2019 07:01:03.

Zombie Bunker Remake - Suggestions!

A ph_zombie_bunker remake public beta is now available. (but not for long!)

It's available under this link:

Steam Workshop

Note: This version IS still 'WIP' state Map! I need your suggestion! this is not suit for prop hunt yet but you can help to choose a design on Sandbox-mode, and spawn as your appropriate design. Moreover you can suggest a t...

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November 02 2019 07:01:01.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Future V16 Development Notice

Prop Hunt: Enhanced HUD Concept

Original Post

I'd like to announce that Future Prop Hunt: Enhanced V16 might receive a very slow development, unfortunately.

HoIver, I'd like to show you our first Conce...

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November 02 2019 07:01:00.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Future V16 Development Notice #2

The development may receive on hold or may be discontinued. Due to this, any future project including maps for Prop Hunt and other release are ceased and on hiatus.

I'm not sure when this development will be continued, I can't guarante 100% which this project will be done. I do big apologize.

November 02 2019 07:00:58.

Canceled Maps

Several days ago I recently realized that several of my maps just, simply whoooos gone. I'd like to inform that which maps and why they were missing from my backup.

Before you go ahead reading this, here are list of my map status, which marked as '(Canceled)' tag in it. That's it, the map is canceled at all.


So, How's that happened?

I hon...

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November 02 2019 07:00:56.

Workshop Maps Removal Notice

Due to incident that happened few past days on social media, currently any map that have several themes which relates to 'Indonesia' titles will be removed due to several reasons.

These affected maps are:

  • ph_littlegarden (Little Garden Maps)
  • ph_marketbattle_freq (Indomaret & Alfamart Market Battles)
  • TTT Villahouse
  • and few TTT maps collaboration that results to be removed.

I do big apologize because I do...

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