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November 02 2019 07:00:56.

Workshop Maps Removal Notice

Due to incident that happened few past days on social media, currently any map that have several themes which relates to 'Indonesia' titles will be removed due to several reasons.

These affected maps are:

  • ph_littlegarden (Little Garden Maps)
  • ph_marketbattle_freq (Indomaret & Alfamart Market Battles)
  • TTT Villahouse
  • and few TTT maps collaboration that results to be removed.

I do big apologize because I do...

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November 02 2019 07:00:54.

Map Final Release Notice

Several maps such of " Restaurant 2019 " and " Zombie Bunker Remake 2019 " will receive a new Final update on the next following days. Please to be prepared that update the maps to the final release versions once the map has been released on the workshop.

These maps was tagged as "B...

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November 02 2019 07:00:52.

Restaurant 2017 Last Touch

If you are wondering/to avoid confussion, the meant of the map was:


Alright, The Restaurant 2017 will receive end of the development, which mean will be continued on the Version 2019 instead. The update was focused to the improvement, especially optimisation and 'unstuck' exploits that sometimes hapened to some pl...

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November 02 2019 07:00:50.

A thing about GMI's Hunt - Episode 4

GMI hunt episode 4 is delayed. again. but I'll tell you reason why.

Firstly I'd like to announce I'm officially back. but thing went "Rushy".

First off, this due of too many task that I should have to be done in earlier days before my laptop was dead. Today i got new, but things must get sorted in a quick. not even quick in that way

So problem no. 1, Commission. I know it's been abandoned for almost mon...

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November 02 2019 07:00:48.

Map Usage, or 'Term of Use'

I may to say "hate" to do this but often made a duplication without special permission from the author is actually bit 'something'. Recently few of my friends were asked me that there was someone to 'use' (copy) the map design without author permission outside of the game that I made. This might bit arguable because Workshop can often had it's own License to use outside from Source Engine titles, so... I have to do this.

However, there are also some a...

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