Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:00:56.

Workshop Maps Removal Notice

Due to incident that happened few past days on social media, currently any map that have several themes which relates to 'Indonesia' titles will be removed due to several reasons.

These affected maps are:

  • ph_littlegarden (Little Garden Maps)
  • ph_marketbattle_freq (Indomaret & Alfamart Market Battles)
  • TTT Villahouse
  • and few TTT maps collaboration that results to be removed.

I do big apologize because I don't want to get any unwanted attention or relating/'bragging' with any problems or any kind of 'unnecessary trouble' of that, if anything, related with 'Indonesian' themed just appear on some platforms. Due to this, some limitations also apply to this website (that's include Contacts and any links).

It's all of these was caused by recent incident that happened few days past ( another thread ), which make things makes even worse. Not just some local Indonesian people but this seems to affect almost anyone including freelancer got kicked from 'their' group (which I was also part of the freelancer too) and other related events. I know it did occurs only on some groups but some of familiar ones were also get kicked by this. Honestly, this thing was what we don't want to happen, this just gives some creators more even difficult to interact with locals and some international people due of these conflicts.

Final words here, let be honest here, I'm a open person, but If you don't mind if I'm Indonesian, but I'm not a part of 'common' Indonesians of what you thought. I always trying to make something new and also interacting + participating with some people to make sure we can get some suggestions, ideas, and others can also be participate with my projects, or any art-related topics. By this reason, I'd like to you to understand with the current situation and don't get confused with the incident in the past with some every-people of Indonesian Works.

Anyway I almost unable to type anything here since I'm using cyber cafe computer, My computer isn't yet available so that's why I'm here to write something important. Hopefully you could understand and... Have a good day!

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