Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:00:58.

Canceled Maps

Several days ago I recently realized that several of my maps just, simply whoooos gone. I'd like to inform that which maps and why they were missing from my backup.

Before you go ahead reading this, here are list of my map status, which marked as '(Canceled)' tag in it. That's it, the map is canceled at all.

So, How's that happened?

I honestly in previous day when the laptop was really broken (keep shutdowns, and it almost impossible to take backup successfully so I have to restart the backup all over and over) and turns out, none of them are found.

canceled and missing maps

If that's so founds one, That just simply turns into a garbaged binary, or we could simply says 'corrupted'.

The progress so far is actually 50%, while I was actually unable to update the page when there was no laptop. But before I remember the incident copying with laptop shutdowns, it was actually a file which saved during the laptop simply turns off by itself. That's why if, I don't remember correctly, I'm instead copy the whole thing into my backup disk and, some of them are not recovered nor backed up properly during it's progress of backup.

Trying to find one...

I've already re-looking and re-search through all my installed hard drive even though on my external hard drive (and have them compressed partially), none of them were actually found. So... Best thing I just have to let them go.

So yeah I'm sorry for everyone was kinda expecting for some new maps but... some of them were canceled. Thankfully, good news for you, a recent maps which it was successfully backed up (even though if it was worked under my friend's computer) they were actually fine. Except, some of them had to Reworked from start again...

I guess that's all about the "Canceled Maps" topic, or what could i say about my several missing maps. Perhaps this my first lesson to not keep your work with aged equipment , but this actually uneasily achieve because it was very hard to afford new one.

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