Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:01:03.

Zombie Bunker Remake - Suggestions!

A ph_zombie_bunker remake public beta is now available. (but not for long!)

It's available under this link:

Steam Workshop

Note: This version IS still 'WIP' state Map! I need your suggestion! this is not suit for prop hunt yet but you can help to choose a design on Sandbox-mode, and spawn as your appropriate design. Moreover you can suggest a texture on it.

You can post your Suggestion under my Wolvin.NET Official Group Channel which is available with this link:

All informations are available under 3 README Files inside the file. This is Extremely Important for you to help remake this map!

If you have no idea how to give suggestion but, supporting it, you can support with these links below: or Ko-Fi:

Thank you!

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