Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:01:01.

Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Future V16 Development Notice

Prop Hunt: Enhanced HUD Concept

Original Post

I'd like to announce that Future Prop Hunt: Enhanced V16 might receive a very slow development, unfortunately.

HoIver, I'd like to show you our first Concept of Prop Hunt: Enhanced HUD. This may subject in changes in future based by suggestions.

Due to the slow development, I may have not sure when this update will be worked or continued, since I've been lacking some support contributions. This subject that the update might be launched around August or September within this Year. If it's not bit late...

You could help by improving and support the development here:

Or if you want suggest or request something to the prophunt enhanced in the next update, you can start a discussion on Steam below:

Please be advised that any issues, problems, or any bug related will be on hold until version 16 patch has been released. Unless if there was issue to the Exploits or Serious bugs, please let us know by posting the issue on Github:

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