Post Date: November 02 2019 - 07:01:07.

Website Update - Art Site and Notice

Looks like a good day, eh? Hopefully hehe.

Today I'd like to announce something related to my art site, website update, and galleries migration from my old art community 'deviantART'. Simply to say that I may leave and left it untouched (because it starting to get less popular) so I decided to upload them, if possible, to several Art platforms available. Currently I'll try to be active occasionally on several platforms that Currently I'm working on, especially for art & commissions. Right now, it's on Amino, but I may occasionally also to upload my several artworks on my Twitter and Furaffinity. Not less or much, but I'll try to get myself active as possible. If you want to know my Amino, you can simply Contact me for links btw. Or, I'll try to inform my links on my social media (if you had followed me)

What about your PC? well, unfortunately It still wont be active and I don't have the proper money yet for the PSU replacement. At so Right now, I'm currently, well actually, lends my friend's PC to use to continue my works, but it isn't really much powerful than I had, but I could possibly done or able to continue my works at last. At this point I need to prioritize myself to the most task: Works which hopefully in the future I'm able to find a replacement for the PSU or perhaps including other needs as well.

I also improved my website a bit to make sure it can be reachable to anyone. This include any links including commission status, project, and more so people can able to reach what they wanted (usually the prop hunt ones). I might try to put in minimalist design as possible because I have no resources left to upload to this site yet since all data are still in my internal disks, but hopefully I can update them in the future.

You may wondering one thing about, "Why are you so (almost) hard to contact?" It's due to privacy concern back in May earlier, so I'd better to stay off for a moment, sorry though :(

I think this is my the recent blog I'd like to inform though, hopefully in the future I can sort things up. (I guess)

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