Post Date: January 03 2020 - 10:57:37.

End of Prop Hunt Mapping

Year 2020 is a wonderful starts for making something new.

But perhaps not anymore for Prop Hunt.

Starting from this point, I need to take a break from prop hunt mapping because it starting to obsolete in Garry's Mod. Why'd you ask because prop hunt is starting to have many rivals outside of garry's mod and I feel to not want to waste some time for making new prop hunt maps with less support. I know this is a very harsh word but, truth is out there.

Several stuff I noticed from my friend and I checked on several trends that Prop Hunt seems to start fades away from popularity. This isn't 2010 or 2012 anymore so it's kinda hard to believe that I had to start to change something, especially the map for "something else".

That's why I made This Xmas themed map which I noticed from the stats, mostly they used for TTT, Murder, and something else, but not likely for prop hunt (used only some). I guess the idea here is that, starting from this year, I'll try to make any possible for the future map become Multi-gamemode purposed. So yeah there will be no more single-themed/purposed to which only tied into a gamemode.

I guess this is my good bye from my Prop Hunt mapping, It's hard to believe it's starting to degrade out from popularity, trends, and beside of rivals. Less support and stuff are kinda hurting while making a map. I know several people were in eager if there was a new prop hunt map, only few of them are playing or enjoyed, but, what I've thought for a new players and other than "them" playing it.

Not so many words now here, simply put that I may no longer to make any single gamemode related map for prop hunt, but best for hope that it will be multi gamemode / dynamic gamemode purposed map in the future. But, I don't know if this would be a good method for living or not.

Some others may ask why I'm stuck in Garry's Mod is that, I really have no time / opportunity to make a simple game / project outside of garry's mod. I wish i could, but It's kinda late. This maybe answers some question but, if you really need a help for level designing outside of garry's mod, I'm (might) available and open for you.

Anyway I think that's some news I'd like to write for today. Also I'm still not on my personal computer now, Thing's really hard to get some replacement here and, beside I did something small here to get some earnings. I'm now isolated and split from my house so this technically take some time to get myself back.

Happy new 2020 everyone. Hope thing's doing great.

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