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Q&A [ Click here to Expand ]

Some frequently asked question before contacting. Click on Expand link above to reveal content.

Who are you?

Just simply call me "Wolvin". Ordinary Asian-Non-English guy, A furry or anthro Nerdy guy, that usually makes stuff almost anything.
I'm c3Vic3RyYWN0VGhpc1llYXJUbzE5OTQ= years old. A Free-Lancer, Ex-Computer Repair & Service and probably do some any Development experiments as for my main projects. I'm also part of Computer IT and GiS. Oh, and yes, I also do drawing too. I make arts and portfolio. I also make digital music, starting from 2014.

Where are you from?

Coordinate DMS: 0°47'21.4" S, 113°55'16.8" E. Sorry if thing's kinda 'strict' here because I'm kinda hate where I live :)

Why are you a furry?

Complicated story, but at least this can change my future life and how I live. I'm not just other regular furry people, but I'll be always to stay nice with everyone.

Are you soon going to Join Source 2 Development?


May I know your Computer Specs?

Intel Core i7 2600, @3.4~3.7 GHz (Non-K) | Running on Stock.
8GB DDR3 PC12800, clocked to 1333Mhz for safety reason.
0: R7 240 2GB DDR3 (This is Temporary Card)*
1: Intel HD 2000 for Q-Sync Video Proccessing.
    Both running on Stock. Pure bottleneck's going on here.
Gigabyte H67M-D2-B3
PSU Corsair 650W
1x 240GB SSD 'GALAX Gamer'
3x 500GB HDD (1x Seagate+3x WD for Backup)
    no, they aren't RAID setup, yet.
Mouse, Keyboard and Crappy 3G/4G Network Mobile data Based.
BenQ G610HDAL Display 15.6" 1366 x 768 - VGA (in 2020! wow.)

*Oland does not have AMD VCE and running on stock frequency.
**This isn't VR Setup ready since it's very impossible for me to get VR set.

Your English is Broken, like a Ship Wreck.

Yes. As I stated above, I'm living somewhere on Asia and Non-English guy so that's why I don't speak English natively. Sorry about that.

Do you still handle Prop Hunt: Enhanced?

No. I'm retired. ( Twitter Post ), However I hosted a static page in case if you're looking for it: Prop Hunt: Enhanced official Homepage.

If you are retired, how about your Servers and Plugins you made?

I changed several addon from server and plugins that I've made and making them to be available on Steam Workshop or Downloadable for Donators only:

Do you still making maps?

Yes: Garry's Mod Maps Gallery ( You can support me too btw ).

Are you up for Job/Affiliate/Garry's Mod Server Affiliate/Commissions?

I'm open for affiliates or such other commissions subject (Maps, Scripting, etc). Please contact to corresponding E-mail address above for bussiness inquery.

I want to share/ask something for you.

Feel free to contact what's up through Discord or Twitter.

Due to recent pandemic today, What can be possibly to make you available for contact?

I may try to be active as possible. but Please note that I may also focusing to something else so I may be 'bit' busy. I may available at GMT+7: 13:00/1:00 PM up to 21:00/9:00 PM.

I saw you playing Roblox on Google, is that really you--

No. That wasn't Me and I Never played Roblox.

Do you have any other account than Steam?

Minecraft Account, EA/Origin (for NSF: HP) and Epic Account just because of their GTAV lures. I think that's all...

Some Q/A may updated occasionally.