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To contact Wolvindra-Vinzuerio, you need access to Discord.
To access, simply copy in the text below to add friend. Be sure to Read the Q&A below before contacting and
make sure you have a Recognizable Steam Profile & Other platforms.

*) Please note due to limitted connection and apps support on mobile, I may not responsive as much at this moment.

Other ways to Contact

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E-mail Contact

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Some frequently asked question before contacting.

Who are you?

Just simply a "wolvin". Non-english guy, A furry or anthro nerd guy, that usually makes stuff like almost anything. Aged xx+ & kind of Free-lance guy, Ex-Computer Service, and probably do some many experiments at project/developments. IT-Guy types but "not as much advanced" like the other IT people. Yes, I also draw too. Make some art and portfolio stuff.

Where are you from?

Coordinate DMS: 0°47'21.4" S, 113°55'16.8" E. Sorry if thing's bit 'strict' here since I'm kinda hate where I live :)

Why are you a furry?

Complicated story, but at least this can change my future life and how I live. I'm not just other regular people, but at least I'll stay nice with them.

Do you still handle Prop Hunt: Enhanced?

No. I'm retired. ( Twitter Post )

If you are retired, how about your server and Plugins you made?

Look at my GitHub Repository which I made it open source and feel free to improvise or use.

Do you still making maps?

Yes. unless you can support me or you could give me some ideas.

Are you up for Job/Affiliate/Garry's Mod Server Affiliate?

I'm open for affiliates or such other affiliations. Please contact to corresponding E-mail address for bussiness inquery.

I want to share/ask something for you.

Feel free to contact what's up through Discord or Twitter.

Some Q/A may updated occasionally.