1. IndonesiaRP


Status: On Hold

A (semi-delayed) RolePlay gamemode map work for IndonesiaRP for Garry's Mod - DarkRP Group Server.

2. The Hunt: Episode 4


Status: On Hold

This map will be reworked due to missing several prefabs & assets.

3. Prop Hunt: Arcade


An Arcade-ish themed map for Prop Hunt. The map events will gives you several mini games to play within. Require Prop Hunt: Enhanced to work.

Public Maps & Addons

New little garden

Prop chooser

Zombie mode

Old villahouse

Snowy eve

Zombie bunker

Restaurant 2019





Island house

Crash house


Parking lot

Fancy house

Public Map Release (Steam Workshop)

Most of the map was released under Steam Garry's Mod Workshop. You can explore my addons / maps here.

Steam Workshops

Legacy (Old Maps) & Source Film Maker (SFM)

Some maps will be removed on Steam Workshop due to several issues. Maps with staged-updates will be replaced with newer patch. If you'd like to acquire previous versions of the map that went recently updated and are not listed on the workshop, you can Download them through the Google Drive below.
This section will also include some of SFM maps support as well. Note that this map is never meant to be uploaded to SFM Workshop.

Drive: Revisions Maps & SFM


  • Those old version of the maps are not maintained and supported anymore. If you expect there will be some issues, this will be never fixed (and which are patched to the newer version instead)
  • SFM versions are no longer updated. They are also not maintained at this moment so you can use it on your risk.
  • Please Do not reupload, re-share (as a FastDL Link), or Redistribute the map without permission of the Author. Please use Contact for reupload reason.